Titanium Aluminum Slide Band Downock Reel Seat

Titanium Aluminum Slide Band Downock Reel Seat

T1 Titanium Aluminum Aluminum Fly Rod Reel Seat. It is Light-Weight, With Embossing on the Slide and Butt Cup. It is a Down-Lock style with a Mortised Exotic Burl Wood Insert. The Inserts Vary in Color and Pattern.

Superb For you Rod Builders Looking for something Special for those shorter 2 and 3 wt. Rods in 6 , 6 1/2, and 7 foot lengths....THIS IS THE REEL SEAT FOR YOU.

The End Cap is Of an Exquisite Design with a Band of Embossed ORNAMENTATION to enhance it's beauty. The Slide Band also has Embossed Ornamentation. The Ring Cap at the top is Coin Edge Embellished as well.

The Metal Parts are extremely well formed. The Butt end Cap is actually 2 piece. The End Disc is Soldered on to the Body.


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