Special Reel Seat 3 - Black Aluminum/Burl Insert

Special Reel Seat 3 - Black Aluminum/Burl Insert

Deluxe Aluminum Reel Seat in Anodized Black Plated Finish. A Fly Rod Reel Seat with an Insert made of the most Magnificent Burl Exotic Wood

The reel Seat is a hair short of 4 inches in length. The I.D. of the insert is 5/16ths of an inch. The Hood O.D is 0.77 inches.

A very Handsome and Striking Combination It complements the Rich Black Finish of the seat itself. Very Striking.This Seat is really DELUXE QUALITY. Each of the Wood Inserts is Machined, Mortised and fitted with precision. The Skelton Seat and Parts are also of the Highest Quality. They are made of the finest Aircraft Quality Aluminum Components. The Machined threads are well-defined and deep to prevent cross-threading. The Finish is excellent. THE APPEARANCE IS IS VERY RICH LOOKING. All the additional small parts are exceptionally well formed. The Threaded Locking Ring Has Coin edge Embelishment.to give sure gripping. The seat has a Rounded Recessed Hood. The Wood insert is Mortised to fit the reel foot. The seat is of an Up-Lock Design. It is made vexclusively for the Angler's Roost. You will have to go a long way to beat the value. A Truly attractive and well made seat at a very affordable Starting Price. The Wood inserts are an Exotic Burl Wood.


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