The "Traveller" 7 Piece, 8 Ft, 4/5 wt. Graphite Fly Rod *

The "Traveller" 7 Piece, 8 Ft, 4/5 wt. Graphite Fly Rod *

A 4 piece Pack Rod; IM6 Graphite

Rated at a 4/5 wt. and it is 9 feet long

This model is the " Traveler ." It is an Light 7 piece rod that weighs in at a hair short of 3 ounces. Light as a feather. It is rated at a 4/5 wt. and it is 8 feet long. The Female Ferrule ends are re-enforced and the Male ends have Ferrule Plugs, It comes with 2 Stripper Guides, 7 S.S. Chrme plated Snake Guides and Tip Top. The Stripper Guide is Chrome Plated S.S. with Ceramic Insert. It has a Hook Keeper and Winding Check.

The Reel Seat is an Upgraded Seat made of Highly Polished Aluminum. It has a very Ornate Exotic Wood Insert. They will differ slightly with each rod. The handle is Half Welles Styling and is made of the finest Portugese Cork. I forgot to mention the Attractive Coin Edge Lock Ring as well as the forward Reel Seat Check. A really elegant Addition.


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