2 Piece, 8 foot, 4/5 wt Graphite Fly Rod *

2 Piece, 8 foot, 4/5 wt Graphite Fly Rod *

IM6 Graphite 8 foot, 2 Piece, 4/5 weight.  It weighs in at a mere 89 Grams.

The Female Ferrule ends are re-enforced and the Male ends have Ferrule Plugs, It comes with 2 Stripper Guides, 6 S.S. Chrme plated Snake Guides and Tip Top. The Stripper Guides are Chrome Plated S.S. with Ceramic Insert. It has a Hook Keeper and Winding Check as well.

The Reel Seat is an Upgraded Seat made of Chrome Plated Aluminum. It has an Exotic BurlWood Insert. The handle is Half Welles Styling and is made of the finest Portugese Cork. I forgot to mention that the Reel Seats have Coin Edge Embelishment on the Ring as well as the end cap.. .


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