"Princess" LightWeight #5/6 *Titanium Fly Reel Made for 5/6wt. lines

"Princess" LightWeight #5/6 *Titanium Fly Reel Made for 5/6wt. lines

This is the Princess 3/4 Titanium. It is the Largest in size of the 3 Princess reels. It measures 3 1/4 inches in diameter and has a spool width of 5/8’s of an inch.. It weighs 115 Grams. That is less than 3 3/4 ounces. It is made to accomodate a 5/6 Wt. Line. It is Made of Machined Aluminum Highly Polished So Finely Polished you cannot see a single machine line. It Is AGAIN POLISHED AAnd The T1 Titanium Finish is Applied through Anodizing. The Aluminum is of Aircraft Strength, Hardness and Quality.It is 100% Machined. NO CASTINGS

The Spool is attractively vented on both sides for Rapid line drying as well as for making the reel lighter. A Small Lever in the center of the spool makes for easy spool change as well as reel maintainence. The Take Down Lever is very similar to that on the older Original Pflueger Medalists. The Reel can be changed from Left to Right Hand Easily. You can increase the Spool Drag On the Clicker By adjusting an Out side Switch. The drag is very smooth and EXTREMELY Efficient. There are no external gears and the Ratio is 1.0:to 1. The reel has 2 Precision Ball Bearings. The reel is soundless while winding.The Bearings are enclosed and sealed

The Foot is Narrow and will fit most reel seats without modification. The reel is convertable from Right to Left Hand Wind.

All in all it is one of the finest reels I have ever seen. By today's standards, I would rate this reel Excellent Plus, Superior.

The reel balances well with my 7 foot to 8 foot rods


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