#500 Center Pin Fly Reel * Black Finish

#500 Center Pin Fly Reel * Black Finish

The Reel is 4 1/2 inches in Diameter. The Spool Width is 3/4’s of an inch I.D.. The weight is 261 Grams. That equivocates to 8 2/3rds Ounces.

The Large Center Screw takes the reel apart and bares the inner workings. There are Double Ball Bearings Which allow the Spool the Freedom to SPIN SO SMOOTHLY AND SILENTLY. THERE IS NO TRACE OF A WOBBLE. THE REEL CLICKER PARTS ARE ALL METAL. The Clicker Spring is flat not a flimsy wire type. The Clicker Pawl can be reversed to change the Wind Retrieve.

The Spool and Frame are well vented for line drying. The spool has double Knob Handles. There is a Proper Gap at the spool edge to allow correct usage.


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