VH1 Vom Hoffe Reproduction Classic Fly Reel 2 1/4" Diameter

VH1 Vom Hoffe Reproduction Classic Fly Reel 2 1/4" Diameter

This is the Smallest of the Vom Hoffe Reels These reels have a modified internal design.

The VH 1 Reel is 2 1/4 inches in diameter and has a 1 inch wide spool width. It will hold a 2/3 wt. line The reel will stand up well for Salt Water use.

These reels are made for right-hand winding, just like the originals.

As a Result of modern day materials and a superior manufacturing process, they will Out-perform the originals in every respect. The Hardened Brass machined frames are highly polished, and then Plated. The thickness of the Frames has been increased by 1 MIL.They are then Double Chrome Plated to a hard high gloss finish. The spools are aluminum, and are Polished and chrome plated as well. There are no sharp or un-finished edges. These reels are Right hand wind only.

The black Matte Finish side plates are made of a space age nylon material. The Handle is of the New " S " Shaped Design. It Adds a Bit of Elegance to the reel. The handle Knob is a polished Exotic Hardwood.The click/pawl drag is smooth and firm. It is not overly hard. The oil cap has decorative knurling that allows a good grip. It serves a dual purpose. Besides being an oil cap cover for lubrication, it has a nylon cup behind it that covers the end of the axle. The cup can be tightened down to gain additional drag on the spool. It is very effective. The rims will not dent easily and The side plates will not crack or chip.

The reel foot does not have to be altered to fit most modern day reel seats, but there may be times when a slight modification/alteration may be necessary to fit the reel seat. Each reel is hand assembled and goes through numerous quality control inspections.

Disassembling this reel voids all warranties.

Price: $69.95
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